Where we operate

We are a large and diverse business operating across the UK.

We own more than 200 commercial scale renewable energy sites, generating enough power to supply all of the homes in Northern Ireland . From solar energy sites and windfarms which turn the Earth’s natural resources into power, to biomass and landfill gas sites which convert waste to energy, Fern is making a significant contribution to the UK’s renewable energy output.

We also own market-leading retirement living centres and private hospitals, helping to change the face of healthcare infrastructure across the UK.

In addition, we run a large scale and well-established lending business. Through its loans, Fern funds the construction of high-quality healthcare properties and energy assets. and also supports the housing sector through short-and-medium-term property loans we’ve been making for almost a decade.

As we’ve grown our expertise in these sectors, we have been able to look for opportunities to use our know how overseas as well.

Explore the map below to find out how our business is making a difference near you.

Where we operate

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