Our fibre broadband business

Our lives have been transformed by the internet and the amount of data we use has grown rapidly over recent years. More television is now watched online than via traditional means, and that’s only a small part of the UK’s daily data requirements. Forecasts show that our requirements for data will grow significantly every year, and we will be part of the solution by bringing fibre broadband to underserved communities and regions.

This is currently a very small part of our group, but we hope it will grow over the next few years.

A full-fibre broadband provider, bringing gigabit capable connectivity to underserved communities and regions in the South West of England.

A full-fibre broadband provider, bringing exceptional connectivity services to homes and businesses in the Home Counties.

An internet service provider in towns and cities across the UK, and a full-fibre broadband provider building its own network to bring gigabit capable connectivity to homes and businesses in the South of England.

Vorboss is building a dedicated enterprise fibre network in London to deliver high-bandwidth connectivity to business customers.