Short-term property lending

Short-term property lending


Short-term property lending (also known as ‘bridging finance’) is a type of short-term loan, pending the arrangement of a larger loan or a loan with a longer term. It allows an owner or developer to acquire a new property before having sold one they currently own. It was traditionally provided by banks, but in recent years other lenders, like us, have entered the market to access the profitable, predictable and secure returns available.

Our short-term property lending business

We provide short-term lending to professional property developers and experienced landlords. Our loans are arranged and monitored by the team of property specialists at Octopus Property.


Over the last eight years, we have lent more than £2.9 billion across more than 5,400 loans to property professionals. The common-sense approach taken by our lending business means we are often able to lend where other lenders may not be able to structure a deal.

Quick facts

    • Our typical property loan will be between three and 36 months long and secured on a property based in a prime London postcode via a first legal charge. This means we will be the first lender to be repaid when the property is sold or re-mortgaged.
    • We currently have around 250 live property loans to independent borrowers.